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The Ark is a young, Bible-based, non-denominational church in Pickerington, Ohio. Services are held each at 10:00am each Sunday at 701 Hill Road North, Pickerington, OH 43147.


Services at The Ark are  relevant to our modern day community, sensitive to the person that is seeking spiritual answers, and used for outreach; however, they are also geared to help Christians (those who already have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ) grow in their relationship with God.  What we are really trying to say here, is that our weekly messages are practical and relevant to believers and seekers alike. The music is contemporary, in that we use music that will sound familiar to you and will be enjoyable to both seekers and believers, and the lyrics teach and promote genuine worship - genuine connection with God - during our services.  

We believe that worship and “Spiritually meaty” messages are not a turn-off to seekers, as long as the worship is genuine (done in Spirit and in truth) and difficult words or concepts are explained so that seekers won’t feel left out. We strive for excellence each week, and try to be consistent enough that people will know what to expect when inviting guests; however, through different teaching styles and creativity, and through multi-media and drama, we will continually strive not to bore the regular attenders.


The Ark is a relatively new church plant. The first Bible Study/Service was held on September 28, 2014, at the home of Pastor Rick Reager. At that time, the church went into "core group" building mode, which means that we were looking for key members that shared the vision of The Ark and wanted to be a part of getting it off the ground.  Because The Ark is a church that is driven by God's purposes for the church, we were also looking for five leaders to lead each of those purposes (worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism).  Once the core group was nearly in place and we had outgrown Pastor Rick's home, we launched our first "public" service on April 5th, 2015 (Easter), were we began meeting at The Park Alley Banquet Hall in Pickerington, Ohio. One year later, on April 3rd, 2016, we moved our weekly services to 701 Hill Road North in order to accommodate a larger group. 


Over the course of a few years, we began to realize that what the typical church teaches about salvation and how to achieve it was dangerously lacking, and that the reason why many "Christians" struggled with the same issues unbelievers struggled with, was likely because they were not genuine Christ-Followers. This lead to a revival in our small group which is pushing out of our four walls into the community, so that we will see an increase in genuine Christ Followers.  We are trusting God to use us to reach as many people as we can with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are looking forward to see what He does as we move forward.


Our vision is to be a 100%, Biblically functioning church! That’s right, 100%. Yes, we are imperfect, but our aim should always be 100% adherence to God’s Word. There are a lot of churches out there that promote nothing more than church attendance; however, a church is not something to attend, it’s something to be a part of! In other words, it’s a group of people who commit to each other for the purpose of worshipping God, growing in maturity, growing relationships that will keep them on track, meeting each other’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs, and pooling resources to reach out into the community to meet spiritual, emotional, and physical needs and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose Statement

“To make disciples who make disciple makers, in order to share God’s love and rescue the least and the lost so that they may know and magnify Jesus Christ as their Savior”


With this purpose statement in mind, our vision at The Ark is be a church actively changing the community by being disciple makers, who are actively making disciple makers.

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